Why I didn’t launch my new Core & Pelvic Floor Restore Club program?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Why I didn’t launch my new Core & Pelvic Floor Restore Club program just yet!

For the past few months I have given my all, every available minute that I’ve had as a mom with a newborn, to create something beautiful and to help moms around the globe to heal and recover their bodies after having a baby.

I wish I’d had such an amazing tool when I was recovering after my first baby, to help me avoid all the mistakes I made, and all the time I lost researching and studying how to heal my own body. However, my experience opened to me a new window to understanding what is perhaps meant to be my mission in this lifetime: to help other moms heal and recover their own bodies after their pregnancies. I’m beyond excited to be on this new mission!

So, what happened? Why didn’t I launch my program on Nov 13th as I had planned? Well… I don’t even know where to begin!

On Nov 13th, I celebrated my 37th birthday, and I wanted this program to be the best birthday gift I had ever received. However, the Universe had other plans for me to release this program into the world. And I believe that’s for a good reason. Here is a brief story of what has happened: As I do all the work completely by myself, I just couldn’t see that what I had planned wouldn't happen on time. Here are some of the hats that I’m wearing as the creator of this program:

  • I am the creator of all the content.

  • I am the videographer.

  • I am the editor.

  • I am the one who has to figure out all the rapidly changing technology (decision what platforms and software to use to share what I’m creating.)

  • I am the marketer.

  • I provide the customer service. and the list goes on and on...

Plus, I am a mom of two, an infant and a toddler, a wife, and a human being who has her own needs as well.

So, my calculation and planning were incorrect and I just wasn’t able to prepare everything on time. It all took way longer that I assumed it would.

I don’t know how blind I was (or perhaps “too optimistic”). I didn’t see that the goal I set for myself was a bit unrealistic at the moment. I woke up on my birthday incredibly sad, disappointed in myself, and very overwhelmed.

My hubby surprised me with a little escape birthday vacation to the beach, but I couldn’t enjoy it because I was so stressed about my program and the launch. I took myself for a sunrise walk on the beach and cried my heart out. I cried until I didn’t have any more tears to cry.

Then I sat on the cold, soft, white sand and stared at the ocean. After a few moments,

I felt relief as I was watched the ocean sparkle before me. It’s all good, you’re doing a great job, and your program is going to be a blessing to many moms around the world, I heard a little voice whispering to me.

Suddenly, I felt at peace and trusted that Universe was guiding me.

I came back to our beach house where we stayed to a beautiful birthday song that my hubby was singing to me, with my favorite cake and beautiful red roses waiting for me on the dining table. From this moment on, I decided to let go of everything that didn’t relate to our vacation. I decide to be fully present with my family and our friends that joined us on this trip and just enjoy my birthday gift. And all the rest I would figure out when we got back home.

So here I am, typing this from my home office a week after we came back, knowing I’m doing my best to give the most value possible to my new program, so every mom that joins this program will benefit from it to the fullest.

I begin seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and if everything will go well this time around I'm going to launch this program on December first :) ( Join HERE to the waiting list )

Meanwhile, I’m going to repeat my powerful Mantras over and over again to cope with my overwhelm and to keep giving my best to this creation. I AM A WARRIOR I AM STRONG AND POWERFUL


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