#thebahamas #surprisevacation #thebahamasvacation One beautiful Sunday morning as I`m lying in Savasana after a good early yoga practice, I blinked my eyes to open from a gently kiss on my forehead. It was Michael, my hubby. It`s so weird to see him on Sunday morning home as he usually always away from town almost every single weekend for work. Many times I get irritated when he interrupts me during my yoga practice but that morning I was so happy and pleased him to be home. We asked each other how we`re doing and I wasn`t ready for the next sentence to come.

He said: "why don`t you find your luggage, fill it with some beach clothes and tomorrow morning we`re going to take off to the Bahamas".

Me: What!? Are you serious!? No way, you are joking! That`s a bad joke babe! Michael: No, I am super serious. Me: What!? But... Wait... I have clients, I have dead lines, I need to .... What! How? Really? Michael: Yes, really! You will figure it out. How cool is that to coach your clients with a turquoise water view.

Me: YEAHHHHH!!! Really? Can`t believe it! Are you serious?

Best surprise ever!

For the past few months I`ve been dealing with some depression which I`ve never shared only for a reason that I want to spread positive vibes as much as I can to the world. I have a very long relationship with depression and thanks to my yoga practice I`ve learned many tools on how I can control it, but of course I am just a human being and not everything is under my control. Michael has always known how to support me and whenever he has a chance he will turn the world around for me and for my well being. Which I`m beyond grateful for that and for how lucky I am to have such a wonderful, supported, loving husband and best friend. (p,s. - Of course our marriage is not perfect and we do have lots ups and downs but we always do our best to keep our egos aside and be there for each other.) Next morning 3:30 AM here we go!

The Bahamas airplane view

It took us over 12 hours to get to our destination, but the effort was totally worth it! As our baby`s growing up it gets easier and easier to travel with her. Of course we still do face a lot of challenging moments but I`ve noticed we do get to enjoy much much more. Our biggest challenge during the flight was to fall a sleep. If we wake Milena up during the night chances she will fall back to sleep will be close to her nap time which is exactly what happened. As we were on our second and last flight to our destination all three of us finally had a very sweet afternoon nap. My mom`s tip: If you ever travel on a plane with a baby try to do your best not to book an early flight. The chances you will enjoy your flight are much higher than if you will go on an early flight. #momstip (My hubby didn`t have this option for this trip.)

Welcome to The Bahamas

For sure my hubby has a very good taste. He chose an amazing resort for us which I loved very much but also had a few dislikes about it. As we checked in into our room we had have a horrible puke smell and a wet carpet. Because we were to exhausted I didn`t want to change our room, only the though of 10 min traveling to the lobby made me even more tired. I kindly called to the front desk and ask to take care of our problem. They tried, but still the smell was so horrible that made us want to puke as well. The second day I called to the lobby very irritated and asked for a new room because we just couldn`t stand the smell and stay in the room at all. The front desk agent said that we need to wait about two hours to switch the rooms. Milena was very fussy that day and was ready for her nap. After waiting over one hour our new room still wasn`t ready. I said to my hubby let`s pack everything and go to the lobby and wait there, it should help to get our new room faster. I was right! We made our way to the lobby, I stood in the line to the reception while taking deep breaths and patiently waiting for my turn. To my luck, I ended up right in from of the manager. She asked me: "How you`re doing mam?" Me: "Very bad!" The lady: What`s wrong? Me: " I explained all what append with a very furious face" After a few seconds we got the keys to our new room with an extremely stunning view!

View from our room

We stayed at the Royal at Atlantis. This resort has literally everything you need for a great vacation. Great gym, spa, kids day care, restaurants, water park, many different pools, stunning beaches, aquarium, casino, shopping mall, night club, and more. This is a great place to stay if you don`t want to leave your hotel and just have fun, relax, and chill out. I did wanted more. I am explorer in my soul and when I come to a place that I`ve never been before I want to see and explore as much as possible. As we didn`t rent a car on this trip sadly (for me at least) we didn`t do much out side of our resort also because every adventure is ridiculously over priced on these islands. But, we did enjoy very much almost every single moment we had been there.

The Royal at Atlantis

Here are things I did enjoyed and some that I less. I love to begin with the negative ones so I always end up with positive vibes. - As this is a huge resort, walks are very long from one destination to another. Daily walks to the beach took us around 15 minutes. Which is not bad at all as everything is so beautiful around and you get to enjoy stunning views and nature. My personal preferences for this kind of vacation to be close to the beach as much as possible. In the mornings when I made my way back to the room passing through Starbucks very hungry after my yoga practice, I didn`t enjoy these walks very much. I am not spoiled and always trying to focus on positive things but when I am hungry it doesn`t always work, lol..

- As I mentioned already everything but everything ridiculously over priced in this resort plus you get charged 15% gratuity applied to everything you buy. Bottle of water cost $5, plus tax, plus gratuity so you will end up paying for bottle of water around $6, just for a small bottle of water and there is no other place where you can buy it. Even though is a five star hotel they don`t provide a free water as most five star hotels do.

- Sunscreen is a must in the Bahamas. I usually pack with me two sun blocks but never finish even one. This time I decided to take only one with me. What a mistake. I ended up paying for sunscreen 4 times more (around $50) than I usually do.

Here are my tips for you if you`re planing to travel to The Bahamas: Bring everything you need! - Sunscreen - Drugs - Baby staff - Beach wear

- Refillable water bottle - Even your favorite snacks - Last dislike and the major one for me was:

HEALTHY FOOD! For five star hotel and $$$$$ prices I was expected for a better quality and variety of food. We don`t mind to pay more but when you pay more you do also expect to get more. I swear the food at the mall`s food court was equal the the quality, we just paid five times more. As someone who is eating healthy most of the time the only thing that I could do is bless the food and find a joyful conversation with my family. I ended up with a nice acne and bloating after this trip but thanks god I am a nutrition coach and know how to fix it fast.

Family selfie at the beach

Now it`s time for all the cherries on the top!

I think there is no need to say how gorgeous the beaches, the views, the nature are on the Bahamian islands. I had been waiting so long to get my ass there. One of my goals this year was to visit The Bahamas. Thanks to my husband that made my dream come true. My list of what I did love on this island can be endless. I will try to keep it short and the rest you can watch on my YouTube Vlog. Sunshine, turquoise water, white sandy beaches, happy baby smiles, quality time with my love, deep conversations, daily sunrises, daily sunsets, being present in the moment, yoga by the beach, stunning room view, sun kisses, happy and grateful heart.

The rest please watch the most beautiful Vlog that I`ve shared so far: Surprise Vacation To The Bahamas

As this was a surprise vacation I didn`t have time to google and to do my homework as I usually do before any vacations. Honestly, I`m glad I didn`t, because sometimes it`s fun to learn and explore from your personal experience. The taxi drivers are very informative, they know everything about where they live. They are very proud and happy to share all they know. A few things that I`ve learned from driving the taxi 3 times:

- Apparently The Bahamas considers as a third world country. For me it was a huge surprise as the islands full of luxury hotels and everything is super pricey.

The Bahamas from above

- The Bahamas has 700 island of which only 30 are inhabited.

- The total population on these islands around 450k.

- The Bahamas independent only since 1973 from British colony which makes her one of the youngest countries.

- Driving in the Bahamas is on the left side of the road like in England. I was so fascinating as our taxi from the airport to the hotel was a normal car with the wheel on the left side. I was tired from our flights so it took me a few good minutes to realize that we are driving on the left side. Most of the cars are still have wheels on the right side but a good amount whit the wheel on the left side. Which makes is quite funny,

especially if you see it for the first time.

- Any time that we were asked where we are visiting from and as we mention Texas, here came the story about Anna Nicole Smith. Anna Nicole Smith gave birth to her daughter in Nassau hospital, also about the dead story of her son in the same hospital. We drove by this hospital twice. Moreover people very grateful to Anna Nicole as thanks to her the tourism in the Bahamas boomed.

- The Bahamas is right on the edge of the very famous Bermuda Triangle.

If you`ve ever been to the Bahamas and know some other interesting facts please share in the comments below. For more of our family vacation in paradise please visit my: Surprise Vacation To The Bahamas Vlog Thank you for reading! Much love, Liel.

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