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Life is a very interesting thing, and sometimes it is hard to believe that every thing what happens in our life has a purpose behind it.

Many years ago, (I do not even remember exactly what year it was, maybe 2008 or 2009) I was on a summer vacation in Eilat, Israel with my boyfriend at the time and some friends. All of us headed to do some shopping. It was insanely hot, around 100 degrees, and I could not wait to make it to the mall. On our way to the mall we met some people that my ex boyfriend and friends knew. I had never seen them before but they began greeting each other and making easy going conversation. I looked at the couple and thought to myself "this guy is very cute" but I was so pissed that we stopped in the heat that I did not want to engage in this conversion and make new friends at that moment. Years passed by, and I completely forgot about this event.

In 2011, I moved in with my new boyfriend and another friend to share an apartment in the bay area of California. At this time, I had only a few more months that I could stay legally in the states. One evening our friend got a call from Israel from the guy that I met a few years ago on that vacation but I had no idea at that point that it was him. During their conversation I could hear that the guy on the other line won an American green card and he was still not sure if he wanted to take the big step to leave everything he had in Israel and immigrate to the US. I immediately grabbed the phone out of my friend`s hand and without even introducing myself I told him "are you kidding me? Come here immediately! Let`s get married. I want to stay so badly in the US." I heard such a funny laugh on the other side (those of you who know my husband know that he has such a funny laugh) The guy (I still did not even know his name) told me: "Pay me $30k and I will think about it!"

A few weeks later I could not stand my boyfriend anymore and I decided to leave the bay area and go to LA.. I was fortunate enough to work for a company that had locations in L.A where they needed an extra hand that summer. They could provide me living there and pay my flight ticket. It was a win-win!

#goodtimeinLA After spending a few months in L.A I saw on facebook that my Brazilian friends from the bay area were hanging out with a new cute guy. I did my homework and realized that this is the guy that I spoke with a few months ago. He made it to Cali. I did not think twice and sent him a message and we had a nice chat but that was it.

A few days later I got a phone call and I was extremely surprised to find out that on the other line it was Michael (that was his name). I enjoyed our conversation very much, he was fun and I felt like I had known him for many years. Than suddenly he said: "You should come back to the bay area soon, it is much more fun here than in L.A"

Deep down I was afraid to come back to the bay area cause I knew we would be working together and probably live at the same apartment together (he worked with the same company that I worked for and most of the employees lived together) I was not ready to fall in love again and get distracted from the goals that I came to achieve in the states.

A few weeks later all my friends that I lived with in L.A left and I became lonely so I decided to come back to the bay area.

The company that I worked for had two employee apartments and I ended up at the same apartment with Michael. Here is where the action begins!

Suddenly, I started to become jealous when Michael would give attention to other girls. I began being mean to him and he really enjoyed teasing me. About a week after I came back, my roommates and I , with Michael and one more guy went out to a local bar to grab few drinks and "shake our booties". Michael was trying to flirt with all the girls, so to fuck with him I started to flirt with the other guys even though I did not enjoy it at all. On the way back home we were punching and kicking each other in the car like high school teenagers and kept fighting like this all the way back home. At some point he wanted to kiss me but did not because I was so drunk that he was afraid I was gonna throw up on him. Good for him because I did throw up few minutes later.

The day Michael had helped me picking up my stuff.

During the week, we took a day off together and I asked him if he could help me by picking up my things from my ex boyfriend who I lived with for a bit before I left to L.A. He was happy to help and I was so grateful because I did not want to interact with my ex at all. We had such a fun time together that day but nothing beyond that happened.

The week after all of our team wanted to go out to a party hosted by Tiesto. Michael was responsible to organize a Limo and the tickets to the event. At that time (moment) it was beyond my budget, I was so broke and barely had money for food, but I did not want to be a party pooper. More so, I did not want Michael to hang out without me being close by to (and) watch his moves. At the night of the event we all dressed up and were so excited for this party.

We drove over an hour and half to Sacramento. As we arrived to the party we started to realize that this is not the party that we intended to go to. Where is Tiesto and why are so many teenagers (are) here?

Eventually we realized what had happened. We had arrived at some college party and Tiesto was performing in San Francisco which was only 30 minutes away (drive) from where we lived. Bummer! At that point we had nothing left to do but enjoy this party.

We were all so drunk and trying to tease each other by dancing all together. I kept watching Michael`s steps as he was trying to flirt with all the girls there and meanwhile I was trying my best not to give a fuck and dance with other guys that were our coworkers at that time. Every time Michael was trying to come and dance near me I proceeded to bitch him off but was secretly dying to dance with only him. Honestly, I do not remember much from this party, but when the party was over and the limo came back to pick us up, somehow (me and) Michel and I ended up sitting next to each other (I think we were holding hands before getting into the limo) I was extremely tired and drunk and while we were being driven back home I rested my head on Michael`s shoulder. All of a sudden we began kissing in front of everyone there including our managers.

Our mutual friend began screaming, "No, no, no don`t do it! Don`t do it!" (he had hoped that Michael would be his single party buddy). Both of us laughed but kept kissing all the way back home. As we arrived to our apartment some guys continued drinking downstairs and me and Michael and I went to the second floor and continued making out on the floor for a few more hours till my roommates came in, grabbed me, and took me to my room to sleep.

The next morning as I woke up, I was so embarrassed, and did not know what to do or how to act. Quietly, I made my way to the kitchen and damned Michael was already there (he was an early bird until we got married lol) I scrambled out somehow "good morning"! I was so nervous! But then he came close to me, grabbed me tight, and gave me a huge kiss. That was a huge release for me as I knew we are on the same page. Both of us took a day off that day but we were not quite alone since we had another friend who also took off. I could not wait to spend time alone with Michael. Only a week after that the two of us took a day off together and officially had our first date. We drove all the way to Santa Cruse and had a date that was beyond my expectations.


For about a month every night Michael was sneaking into my room after my two roommates where falling asleep and both of us were scooping on a twin mattress and falling asleep. About a month later we finally moved into a privet room together. The love was real and my doubts was real. I had only one more month that I could stay legally in US, what should I do? I was asking myself every morning, I feel something real with this guys as I`ve never felt before and I did not want to lose it. I decided to take the chance and to stay. I even was thinking to get married for papers only so I can stay with Michael. Both of us begun looking for someone but Michael could not stand it, he was always getting so irritated with this idea. Eventfully, he said I will marry you as we were dating only for two months or so, but every lawyer that we reached said is impossible until Michael will not become an American citizen which is about in five years. I surrendered and did not care anymore about this subject. I had a job where I could work illegally and I was happy with that.

6 months after dating we decided to move to San Diego, CA and few weeks after our move Michael proposed me, 2 months after the proposal we got married. We did find a good lawyer that said our case is possible just will be much longer than other cases. We patiently waited about 3 years until I got my green card so we can go back home and to celebrate our traditional Jewish wedding. So, basically we got married twice.

#firstwedding #sandiego #california

#secondwedding #israel

Today we are married over 6 years and so far we have been lucky to explore and enjoy our live together in California where we met. We lived in Hawaii almost for two years and for almost 3 years we call Texas home where also we were lucky to bring our baby girl Milena to this world. How interesting is that, that both of us needed to cross the global to meet each other and to build life. In Israel we hung out with the same people, I knew pretty well Michael`s ex-girlfriend, heard about him so many times but never met him except that random quick meeting in Eilat.

Till today I am laughing and telling Michael, eventually you did married me and also paid for the whole paperwork process cause I was so damn broke. And later on somehow both of us remembered that awkward meeting in Eilat years ago. Michael told he thought I was a bitch but a hot bitch lol..

So, who knew maybe if we would made it to Tiesto that night I would not have Michael as my husband and would not have my beautiful daughter with this guy.

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