Milena`s Birth Story

Milena`s due date was on April 4th.

Deep in my heart, I was hoping she would welcome the world with her cuteness on this exact day. As weird as it may sound to you, I really wanted to be 40 weeks pregnant. I really enjoyed being pregnant and my pregnancy journey overall even with all the challenges that I had during my pregnancy,.

My belly bump popped up around the 20th week, till then I was keeping my pregnancy only to myself, family, and close friends. I even did not share it in places where I have been teaching yoga. I have never thought about hiding it, I am the kind of person that loves sharing my lifestyle and I was positive I would share it as soon as I knew that everything was normal with me and the baby. I don`t know if it was pregnancy hormones or something else, but it felt so good to keep it as a secret for as long as I could.

*I plan to share my pregnancy story on my other blog. You can experience all my ups and downs, my struggles and strengths that I developed during this life-changing journey. Coming soon, stay tuned!

Back to April 4th, Milena`s estimated due date.

A day before on April 3rd, I had a casual doctor appointment to see how we were doing, and if my baby girl was getting ready to make her way to finally meet us. I was pretty nervous and excited at the same time to hear what the doctor has to say. Everything was great, baby`s heart beat, position, my amniotic fluid, blood pressure, etc. I was dilated one centimeter and my cervix was much softer than the previous weeks but no sign for labor just yet! I was slightly disappointed but, on the other hand, so many thoughts ran through my mind; I still have time to shoot more prenatal yoga videos, more pregnancy yoga photos, more time to practice yoga, maybe more maternity photos, more time to complete my projects, etc. My husband could not believe if I was being real with him or if I was joking, but I was absolutely honest.

The doctor talked with me about induction on April 9th and a follow up appointment the same day before hospitalization in the evening. Deep down I was hoping it would not be necessary, so I did not give another thought about the induction and just agreed to whatever he said.

That night before I fell a sleep, I was so nervous for the next day, my due date, I still had hope- it is possible to happen. BUT… nope nothing happened.

On Sunday, a day before scheduled induction, I had a strong feeling I am about to go to labor really soon. My body was heavy, I had a lot of pain in my hips and could barely walk, but I still had my morning yoga practice that kept me alive to the last day of my pregnancy. Something inside of me was tossing and turning and the thoughts about the induction did not leave me alone. I was a bit scared and anxious and did not know what to do.

Monday morning while getting ready for our doctor appointment, I was trying to decide what to do with the induction consulting with my hubby that was open-minded to support me with any decision that I was going to choose. While taking a shower that morning I have decided to listen to my inner voice that said: "Everything will be fine with you and the baby just wait!" I dressed up, put makeup on and with a huge happy smile headed to my appointment.

After being examined, the doc said everything is fine with us! I was delighted two centimeters a little bit more improvement from the last week but still, my body was not ready for labor. I said to my doctor I am not ready for induction today and I want to wait. He agreed but suggested not to wait past Thursday. I happily agreed as I knew it will definitely happen before then.

I was so happy with my decision that I got an adrenaline rush and I wanted to get many things done before the big day.

I have been dreaming to do some pregnancy yoga photos with Bluebonnet Blossoms (a native Texas Flower) during my pregnancy and somehow timing never worked out. So I thought today is the day, the weather is perfect and I am still pregnant. I have found a place near us with Bluebonnet fields and close to sunset we headed to take some photos. As we arrived at the place we did not find any bluebonnet but there was an amazing bridge that worked perfectly for some photos.


We spent about an hour taking photos, shooting videos, laughing, and enjoying the sunshine and the notorious mosquito bites. As the sun began to go down, we headed home to have a romantic night. My hubby cooked super delicious ravioli, each of us had a glass of wine, and then we headed to our bedroom for some mommy and daddy time trying an old Amish remedy to hurry our baby girl out. Who knew this will be our last sex for the next month and a half or so? lol...

Michael fell asleep right after and I took my time to take a good shower with all my before bed rituals. It was almost midnight, I was so exhausted and could not wait to roll into bed. I crawled into bed turned off the night lamp and just closed my eyes to begin my gratitude for the day that just ended. As soon as I said "thank you for listening to my intuition and spending this night at home instead of the hospital being inducted, I literally heard the universe laughing at me as I felt my water broke, and that`s when the story starts to get interesting….

I quickly opened my eyes, chills all over my body. What the heck is that!?!? I JUST emptied my bladder, is it my water just broke? I waited a little bit to see if it will happen again and I felt it again. I got up to go to the bathroom to check what was going on but the flush of my water was so clear that I was not sure if I just peed or it was my water. So, as was suggested in our childbirth classes I put a pad to keep tracking the situation. I waited about 10 minutes before waking up my husband, then as I kept feeling the water leaking I gently woke up Michael.

Michael: What`s going on? He nervously asked. Me: I think my water has broken. Michael: Are you sure? Me: No, but it looks like it. Michael: Can we wait until the morning, I am tired. Me: WHAT?! Are you kidding me? Michael: Yes, but I am really tired. Should we go to the hospital? Maybe we should wait a few hours and get some sleep? Me: How the hell do you want me to sleep right now? Michael: OK, just tell me what you want to do.

I did not remember what was said about water breaking in our childbirth classes so I decided to reach out to a friend of mine that has 2 kids for an advice. Go to the hospital immediately! My friend said So, we got up, dressed, took all our hospital bags, and headed to an adventure. All the way to the hospital I felt my water leaking more and more.

I had a big fear of going to the hospital too early and being sent back home. We arrived to the hospital a little after 1 AM, I was nervous and anxious and could not believe it was really happening. As we entered the labor and delivery department, the nurses asked me: HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? My water just broke about an hour ago, I said as my voice very scared and low. The nurses asked us to fill out some paperwork and right after to follow one of them to labor and delivery room. I had been asked to change into a fancy hospital outfit that the nurse handed to me and wait for her on a fancy hospital bed to check me out. As I changed my water began leaking like crazy, I could not believe what I felt. About 30 minutes later after a very painful examination, the nurse told me that I am one centimeter dilated. I was so disappointed, why is that? This morning I was dilated two centimeters! “So, am I going home?” I asked right away. “NO, darling”, the nurse replied, “you are staying and we gonna get ready to get this baby out.” A huge relief brought tears to my eyes. I received a liquid infusion and we began waiting for the contractions to come. The nurse completed all the paperwork and suggested to get some sleep as she left the room. It was really hard to fall asleep with all the emotions and unstoppable leaking of my water.

I opened my eyes around 7 am as I heard the nurse doing something in the room. As she saw me awake she began asking me questions about how I feel and if I was having any contractions. I did have some cramps but nothing serious that felt like contractions. Because my contractions did not get stronger, the nurse told me that it was time to get Pitocin (induction medicine). I was trying to avoid induction but eventually, I surrendered and we began the waiting game. Every hour I got a little higher and higher dose. Meanwhile, my doctor came over to check on me. So what happened after our yesterday’s appointment? he asked. “Nothing special, I had a pretty nice and busy day. I tried to get as many things done as possible, I even did some yoga, and as I closed my eyes to fall asleep I felt my water broke,” I replied. He talked with me a bit about epidural and suggested me to rest as much as I can as I barely slept at night. He told me, “I need you strong when the time is to push, so don`t torture yourself and if you need a pain relieve do not be shy to ask. I will see you afternoon” he said as he left the room.

My contractions began being stronger around 11 am, for the first hour I was able to breathe through them. As they got stronger and closer to each other I began crying and moaning with each contraction, I did not have time even to rest and relax as one contraction left and the other came. I was at the point that I could not take it anymore. I asked the nurse if it would get any stronger? “Oh, yes” she replied. After trying different techniques like breathing, focal point, lying on the side, sitting, squeezing my husband`s hand, and bouncing on the ball, nothing seemed to help minimize this pain. “OK, I am ready for epidural”I eventually said as I was trying to consult with the nurse what are my options for pain relief. Thank god the anesthesia nurse came pretty fast and we began with epidural processes trying to catch a moment in between contractions (which was pretty challenging as they were so close one to another). About 15 minutes later, I suddenly felt a huge relief, I still could feel the contractions but they were not as painful and lasted about 5 minutes. Later on, I felt nothing, like all of it was a bad dream. I was so hungry, I had another popsicle maybe my 4th from the morning and finally, I am ready to take a little nap and to rest.

I woke up from some noise in the room after napping for about 2 hours or so. I was being checked again to see where I was. This time I got good news! I was dilated around 5 or 6 centimeters. The nurse happily said this baby will arrive today! As she left, I began to feel the contractions again but this time slightly different, they were much lower with a different sensation. As I was trying to explain to my husband what I feel and my pain level the doctor entered the room. He was happy to hear that I had some rest, as we talked about the contractions and the pain was getting stronger and stronger he decided to check me out. The progress was fascinating, in less than an hour, I was dilated to almost 8 centimeters, the guess was that in the next 4 or 5 hours we will begin with the delivery.

My husband was joking with the crew and said “I am giving her an hour and she will be ready”, the time was around 4 pm. My doctor asked if I need more epidural as he saw suffering from pain but suggested not to take much as he needs me to feel the contractions for a better push. I agreed not to take at all and to deal with the pain, but I could not imagine it would get so intense. As the doctor left my contractions became even stronger and again very painful, I felt an urge to begin to push. I have been asked a few times before if I felt the need to poop, but as soon as the doctor left I got this feeling and could not wait. I began crying and screaming the nurse checked on me again and I was ready to go with 9/9.5 centimeters.

Michael was right, it took me less than an hour to get started with the delivery.

It was almost 5 pm; very quickly the crew began to prepare the room for delivery. Another two nurses joined us, they explained the pushing process to me and that it can take up to 3 hours (dear lord, what?? 3 hours?) and the fun has begun.

After two or three pushes the nurse told me that she can see my baby`s hair and it is black, I began tearing as she added “I think it will go faster than 3 hours .”It took me time to realize how to push correctly; I was so scared to poop instead lol... (I was already pretty embarrassed that 4 people included my husband were staring at my vagina and telling me how to push and we are still waiting for my doctor, and his assistant to join the party.) The pushing began to get harder and more painful, I refused to use a mirror to watch how I am pushing even though the nurses promised it would go faster if I saw what was going on. About 30 minutes later, I realized that the pooping sensations were going to help me push this baby out; so I began to push as hard as I could and did much better. Around 5:45 pm the doctor joined the party, at this point I already felt very close. The last few pushes were the most painful. At that point I was screaming, crying and finally began feeling that my baby`s head was almost out. 6:15 pm was the most magical and beautiful moment of my life!

I finally did it!

My baby girl was out.

As I saw her little body, her tiny feet, and such a sweet crying face I could not stop my tears. Tears of pure happiness were running down my cheeks, and all my pain went away. My hubby told me later, that right after giving birth, I got a nice dose of epidural, thank god! I saw Michael cutting the umbilical cord and it made me cry even more. The 5 minutes or so of cleaning her felt like a whole decade until I got my baby girl into my arms. I could not believe that finally, she was in my arms!

I am a mom to the cutest Chinese girl lol..

She looked so Chinese in her first few days.

On April 10th our world completely changed!

Our sweet baby girl was born at 6:15 pm, weighing 7.12 lbs and 1inch inc long. It definitely was the most interesting and rewarding experiences of our lives.

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