It's Snowing in Texas!

I want more SNOW!!!

I’m a huge snow lover even though I would never live in a four seasons country.

Two weeks in snow is the maximum amount of time I would be able to live in

those conditions!

This year surprised us with an amazing miracle, at least as I see it: a mini

snowstorm that lasted for half a day. Yet it was enough to fill the soul with

excitement and joy.

It’s snowing! It’s snowing! It’s snowing in Texas! ❄

I was squeaking with excitement, holding Emily in one arm, and with the other I

was trying to catch a video of the wet, see-through snow falling beautifully

outside the windows.

Milena! Can you see that?! It’s snowing!

Me, screaming with excitement to my toddler, running from one window to

another trying to catch a better angle to film the snow.

I was sure that in an hour or so, there would be no more sign for this magic.

But I was wrong!! It kept snowing, and snowing, and slowly our back yard

became whiter, and whiter, and whiter. Woaaah! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve been living in Texas for 5 years and I’ve never seen anything like that!

I wanted to run outside and jump like a rabbit that had just been set free! That’s

exactly how I feel every time I see snow. Like a child with no worries, to do lists,

or any other adult bulshit that we get so attached to. I feel like Bambi hopping in

slow motion in a fairy tale, well… you get it! Hahaha!

But I couldn’t do that.

I was home alone with my two girls and just the thought of getting them and

myself ready to go outside made me want to throw up! Thank god it didn’t last for

long. Suddenly, a burst of energy ran through my veins, thanks to the snow that

didn’t stop falling and made everything outside magically white.

In less than an hour, we were outside enjoying the crispy sound of the snow

underneath our footsteps. I wonder, is there anyone on this planet earth who

doesn’t love the sound of fresh, crunchy snow beneath their feet? Is it possible?

Milena had the best time of her life! As I was watching her enjoy playing in the

snow, I had this song playing quietly on my lips: “I got it from my mama, I got it

from my mama.”

My shoes were already soaked and super wet from walking in the snow (smart

me who decided to put on her Uggs to play in the snow), my hands were

freezing, and I was concerned about Emily being cold. But I couldn’t find a way to

get Milena back home.

Finally, thanks to the magic word, CHOCOLATE, we got back home. However,

my over-excited girl couldn’t stop buzzing about going outside to play in the


It was Sunday and our babysitter couldn’t come to the rescue. So I texted our

sweet neighbors to ask if they could come over to play a bit with Emily by the fire

place on this cold, snowing day, so I could play with Milena in our backyard and

build a snow man. The rescue team were happy to help and in 5 minutes were

already knocking on our door.

After an hour of throwing snowballs, building a snowman, and running around the

yard with Yogi (our monster husky pup), I wasn’t able to breathe anymore.

However Milena was on fire!

She stayed outside for over an hour to play with Yogi by herself after our

neighbors left. Emily and I watched them through the window with jealousy.

I barely convinced her to come back inside the house (thanks again to

chocolate). For the rest of the day I needed to be very creative to keep her


When daddy got back home from his business trip, the first words he heard from

Milena were “SNOWCATION Daddy!!!”

Dear Universe, please find a way for our family to enjoy a snowcation this year!

No Filter - A view from our laundry room

Me and my brother visiting our family in Ukraine 2018