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I get so many requests from you to make tutorials, so here we go! From now on, I will do my best every Wednesday to share a new tutorial, how to get into advance pose including tutorial video on my YouTube channel.

YAY! Today`s #yogatutorial is - HOW TO GET INTO #WHEELPOSE- Wheel pose - #chakrasana or #upwardbow - #UrdvaDhanurasana is a great heart and shoulder opener, and a pose that stretches your entire body.

  • Urdhva - meaning "upward"

  • Dhanu - meaning "bow"

  • Asana - meaning "pose"


I adore this pose, but many times it stretches me out of my comfort zone, especially when life gets busy and intense, but this is the time when we need YOGA the most and poses that challenging us.

Backbends can be your best friends or worst enemies. You need to be very mindful when you approach an advance backbend. It`s very important to warm up your spine well and stretch other body parts that required for a specific pose. Wheel pose is a pose that stretches not only your spine but also your shoulders, wrists, arms, abdomen, chest, quads, and hips. This pose also require a strong arms so it`s crucial to work on strengthening your upper body and arms before you are trying to attempt to get into wheel pose.

Wheel pose is amazing pose to boost your energy, uplift your mood, let go of anxiety, and much more. Make sure you practice with patience and honoring your body by focusing on work with progress and not perfection. Here is a little sequence that gonna help you to prepare your body for a wheel pose. (You can find 20 min tutorial video on my YouTube - Liel Cheri Yoga)

1. Bridge pose - a gentle way to open up your back

2 + 3 . Cat / Cow - warm up and prepare your body for a backbends

4. Tread the needle - warm up and open up your shoulders

5. Puppy pose - deeper shoulder opener

6. Plank pose - to build strength in your upper body and arms

7. Cobra pose - getting deeper into the beckbend

8. Locus pose with chest expansion - backbend, shoulder stretch, and chest opener

9. Floor bow pose - another way to backbend, open the shoulders , and open your chest

10. Camel pose - deeper back bend, deeper chest openner

11. Fixed firm pose - opens the quads and stretches the ankles


Enjoy your practice!

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