How To Strengthen Your Immune System: 10 Different Ways To Do It

The immune system is composed of a set of cells, tissues, and organs and its main function are to protect our body. However, it could be weakened sometimes and, despite doing hard work to keep us healthy, it starts to fail. Has it happened to you that you feel constantly sick, but you don't know why? If yes, it is very likely that something is wrong with your immune system. But don't panic! In this blog, I will let you understand in-depth everything you should know about it and I will give you a lot of advice to help you improve it.

First, we must bear in mind that our body warns us about everything that is going on inside it, including what is related to the immune system. This means that, when something is wrong, there are signs that allow us to recognize it.

In this sense, I answer the following question... How does the immune system work?

As I have said, this system is our defense. It can be seen as the "immune response" that the body generates against certain external agents that can enter our body and harm us. This system is activated whenever it perceives a threat against our well-being and releases protective cells that are called lymphocytes.

If for any reason we have a low level of them at any given time, we will stop being able to deal with those external elements that make us sick. And this is where the term "weakened immune system" comes into play.

How to know if I am facing a weakened immune system?

As I have explained, this system is our defense mechanism against certain external agents that can enter our body and harm us. Therefore, every time that happens and the body perceives a threat against our well-being, this system activates and generates visible physical indicators. The latter is precise to which we must pay attention to.

  • Persistent fatigue: We may feel tired due to many reasons but, when it becomes continuous, it ceases to be normal. If you wake up in the morning and you feel exhausted or when you finish making the slightest effort you want to go to sleep immediately, something may be failing in your immune system.

  • Allergies: Although allergies are common in some people, the fact that they become recurrent and originate from ordinary elements such as pollen, dust or other agents around us (especially if they affect our health immediately) may indicate that we have a weakened immune system.

  • Common colds: Have you ever wondered how many colds you catch per month? Are you one of the people who get the flu easily? If the answer is positive, you must ask your doctor to assess your general physical condition and check if your immune system is defending you as it should.

  • Frequent infections: If you suffer from urinary infections, stomach discomfort, diarrhea or gum redness problems; then your organism may not be facing those external agents that enter your body as it should.

  • Wounds that take time to heal: It may happen that when you get a cut, it does not finish healing even if several days pass and cause a lot of discomforts. In these cases, the wounds do not heal, but become infected, inflamed and hurt. This can be a concrete alert that the immune system is not functioning optimally.

What causes a weak immune system?

During certain times of the year, we neglect our health a bit and modify our routines, change meal times, do not pay attention to our sleep schedule and so on. These types of behaviors test our defensive mechanisms and this can compromise our state of health. On the other hand, the environment is a continuous challenge for our defenses (pollution, toxic chemicals, viruses and bacteria.)

Again, it is necessary to repeat the importance of understanding that there are many factors that can alter our defenses; some will not depend on us since they are internal factors such as autoimmune diseases, seasonal changes or the arrival of old age; but there are other external factors on which we can act.

In this regard, I present a series of recommendations on what you should do to strengthen your immune system. You will realize that you do not need to be an expert in medicine (although it is always advised to visit the doctor) in order to help your body function correctly, optimally and effectively.

But, before that, I will answer another question that is probably going around your mind...

Why is it important to make your immune system stronger?

At this point, it is very likely that you already know the answer. However, I have no problem explaining it again to you. The immune system constitutes one of the most important and indispensable parts (like the rest) of the human body. Why? Because, as I have said, it is responsible for generating that response to a threat, whether internal or external, to combat it and protect us from it.

A weak immune system will hardly serve to fight against those agents that can affect our health. Therefore, it is essential to take care of it and ensure its proper functioning.

If you still have doubts, I bring the explanation to another possible concern...

What benefits can I get by strengthening my immune system?

The truth is that the benefits you can get from it are countless. As you could see later, the strengthening of the immune system is intrinsically linked to the daily practices of your lifestyle; so I will start with the fact that everything that can improve your immune system is good for your well-being.

In addition, a strong immune system can help fight diseases and infections, protect you against the flu and colds, prevent allergies and infections, give you much more energy and support you in healing your wounds. Do you think it is too much for a single system? Well, I inform you that there is much more it can do!

Now, the time has come, and this is something that interests us all...

What can I do to strengthen my immune system?

First of all, there are a number of practices that can help you do it, among which are:

1. Take care of your diet: A saying states that we are what we eat and, to some extent, it is quite true. A good diet is synonymous with good health, although we usually pay attention to this detail only when we are already sick. The consumption of vegetables and fruits (especially citrus ones) is ideal for maintaining the good state of the immune system.

2. Get enough sleep: Sleep is the process that allows the body to recover energy and function properly. The little rest can make your body not fulfill its essential functions and, consequently, impair the immune system.

3. Manage stress properly: I want to emphasize this detail; stress is not just an emotion. If it reaches its chronic state, it can have serious consequences. Thanks to it, toxins that can cause the weakening of our defense system tend to accumulate.

4. Cleaning and hygiene: Yes, we already know that since you were a child you have been repeated that you should wash your hands before and after eating but, although it may annoy you a little, you have to know that it is essential if you want to stay healthy and free of diseases. Wash your hands several times a day and take care of cleaning your food to eliminate everything that may be harmful to your body.

5. Take supplements: Sometimes, a good diet is not enough for the body to get everything it needs. For that reason, some doctors advise the consumption of supplements, especially vitamins, minerals, and proteins; so you can give your body what it requires to stay strong.

6. Physical activity: This is as simple as going for a daily walk! The benefits of staying active are impressive. At least half an hour of cardiovascular exercise a day (walking, running, dancing, yoga) can help your body stay healthy and your immune system to keep strong.

7. Take advantage of the benefits of the sun: Do you know that sunlight can bring great benefits to humans? It is proven that sunlight stimulates the body's immune activity. In addition, it promotes the production of vitamin D, an element that provides energy to T cells, which are key to human immunity.

8. Home remedies: Grannies don't lie! There is a wide range of combinations of natural products that can help strengthen the immune system. Ginger or lemon tea, cinnamon infusions and garlic, and onion soups are perfect options for this!

9. Add protective spices to your food: And we call them protective because of their incredible benefits for the human's immune system. These are garlic, ginger, and turmeric. You can't imagine how powerful they are to naturally increase your defenses! You can add them to food and consume them without even noticing.

10. Use essential oils: There are essential oils that are, without a doubt, an ally to strengthen the immune system. Among them are oregano oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil and more.

How easy can it be to boost your immune system? You just need to know a little about the subject and start adjusting your habits to those that are beneficial to your health. Don't be left behind and put into practice everything you've learned to increase your defenses and stay healthy! I hope this will serve and inspire you to begin being more serious about your own health. Best health, much love, Liel.

Namaste! Liel Cheri

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