How To Make Almond Milk

How amazing is that we can make a delicious, creamy and healthy Almond milk at home just in 3 minutes!

Almond milk is a great substitute to a dairy milk, is cholesterol and lactose FREE and the benefits of almond milk are vast, especially for those looking to lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of almond milk:

High in calcium, which aid in building and maintain strong bones.

Super rich with vitamins as: Vitamin A and E which act as antioxidants, enhancing immunity system and protecting your body cells and tissues from damage. Also, vitamin D – which helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth, and enhances immunity.

It keeps your heart healthy - the low amount of sodium and potassium, lack of cholesterol within the milk helps keep blood pressure levels normal and helps in maintaining a healthy heart.

Make your skin glowing.

♥ And it is so EASY to make.

How to make Almond Milk :

You gonna need:

  • 1 cup of RAW almonds (you can do also with 2 cups of almonds if you like it very concentrated)

  • 4 cups of filtered water

  • A good, powerful blender

  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract (if you like to add some taste and sweetness)

  • 2 dates (if you like to add some sweetness)

Pour one cup of almonds into glass container and fill up with generous amount of water till your almonds are well covered, because the almonds will expand with soaking and will absorb some of the water. Soak the almonds between 8 to 12 hours. Great to do it before you are going to bed so they are ready for the next morning.

In the morning drain and rinse the almonds. You will see them swollen beautifully for an easy blend and ready to


Put them into the blender add the 4 cups of filtered water, add any seasonings (dates, vanilla extract, organic maple syrup, etc.. basically whatever you like!) Blend for about 2 minutes.

Now time to pour the almond milk through a “nut milk bag” or a “cheese cloth” or “any old t-shirt also can work perfectly into any container and when you are done, pour it into any glass container so you can keep it at the fridge up to 4 days.

That`s it !!

Enjoy and do not forget to share with me your first experience of making an almond milk!

From my heart to yours Liel


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