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A little story time!

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Yes, Liel is my first name. My last name is Cheri (which has a little story behind it, actually both my last and first name have a little story behind them that I`ll share another time.) After I got married, I also picked up my husband`s sexy Russian last name and kept mine. So, my full name is Liel Cheri Shahmanov.

Here is a short story about me and my life. I speak, read, and write fluently 3 languages: Russian, Hebrew, and English. I understand Spanish pretty well and can hold a basic conversation in it and I know a little bit of Japanese. I hope one day I`ll create time to nail Japanese and Portuguese. I just love these languages very much!

I was born in Russia, from the age of 9 raised in Israel, and from the age of 27 I had begun exploring a new journey in the US. I`ll be 37 in November and this year, in December, I`m going to celebrate a decade in the US. During these 10 years, I`ve been through lots of changes and adventures in my life. I`ve been fortunate to live in 4 different states; Florida, California, Hawaii, and Texas. And I have lived in 8 different cities; Miami, Pleasanton & Hayward in the bay area, San Diego, LA rather Burbank, Honolulu, Dallas, Frisco and currently I live in Austin, TX specifically in Round Rock.

Three months before my legal stay in the US expired, I met my husband Michael. We fell in love intensely and I decided to stay illegally in the states to see where this love story was gonna take us. Deep down, I knew he is the one. The one that I can freely and shamelessly fart around, be completely and unapologetically myself, would love to build my life with and one day have children. The coincidental parts are these: he is also a Russian specifically from Dagestan, raised in Israel, we have had many mutual friends in Israel, and I hung out with his ex-girlfriend when they had dated. However, our roads never crossed. We needed to travel across the globe to meet each other. How interesting life is!

Michael proposed to me after 7 months of dating. Two months later, we got married and have begun building a beautiful life together.

Underwater Photography: https://www.flashpoolproductions.com/

Today, we are happily married for 8 years and are raising two adorable baby girls. The older one, Milena is 2 Years and 5 Months old and the newborn, Emily, is 5 weeks old. Last year, we bought our first house (beyond our dreams) and for less than a year living in it we lost our family business! (thank you #covid19).

I can`t wait to see what the Universe has in store for us next.

Underwater Photography: https://www.flashpoolproductions.com/

Underwater Photography: https://www.flashpoolproductions.com/

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