I love old school recipes, they remind me of my childhood and of my grandma spinning around in the kitchen, stirring up so many dishes at the same time, and giving us to taste her magic.

Super healthy all - in - one lunch or dinner everyone at the table will absolutely love! This version of chicken quinoa stuffed peppers has all kinds of new modern twists and offer incredible super food nutrients you need to support your health, energy, cell function in the body, healthy connective tissues, well being, and more.

This yummy dish is abundant with

fiber, good source of protein, antioxidants, iron, folate, magnesium, zinc, vitamins and other minerals.

When the talk of stuffed peppers comes up at our house, my husband and I usually go straight to this recipe. Quinoa, chicken, mushroom and beans come together in a delicious edible package.

Stuffed bell peppers are really a whole meal in one, so all you really need to complete your easy, healthy meal, is a simple salad or a few fresh veggies along with the peppers.

These stuffed bell peppers are so delicious. Enjoy this flavorsome and appetizing recipe.

XO, Liel.

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  1. Belly Bloat

  2. Low Energy

  3. Excess Weight

  4. Sugar Cravings

  5. Constipation or a Loose Stool

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xo, Liel

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