Cauliflower Rise with Quinoa & Buckwheat Patties

Cauliflower Rise with Quinoa & Buckwheat Patties

Let me present your new food crush dish! When I first tried to make cauliflower rise, I was a bit concerned that it won`t be good as it looked in the picture. I was wrong! Cauliflowers "rice" is mind blowing. It came out so good that we finished everything! It`s light and fluffy. Perfect for all busy and lazy folks as it so easy and fast to make it.

Cauliflower takes on a new life when made into "rice". Use this basic process to prepare it and add any flavors and spices you like. I would highly recommend tamari and ginger, sun dry tomato and basil, or parsley and lemon zest. Let your creativity run wild.

This beautiful flower veggie is quite impressive with nutrition benefits as well. Cauliflower high in fiber, excellent source of antioxidant, high in choline, rich in sulforaphane, low in carbs and much more. Let`s take a look at our quinoa and buckwheat patties that also was such a great surprise for me.

These whole grain delights are packed with tummy pleasing fiber, protein, and flavor. They have hearty texture and nutty taste, and are filled with energy producing B vitamins to support metabolism, are a key player in maintaining a cell health, and keeping you energized.

Ready to enjoy your lunch or dinner? Here is how to make these simple yet yummy dishes:

From this delicious meal you will enjoy per serving approximately:

Calories: 360

Total Fat: 8g

Saturated Fat: 2g

Carbohydrates: 43g

Protein: 24g

Enjoy friends! XO, Liel.

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