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Austin is absolutely my favorite city in Texas. I just CAN'T explain my love for this city the same way I can't explain my love for Hawaii.

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Down Town View Austin

There is something magical in Austin's vibes that makes me feel so good, energized, creative, and happy. Since my first visit to Austin about 3 years ago, I knew right away that this is the place where I want to settle down for life.

Texas Style
Texas Style

The funny part is when we decided to

relocate from California to Texas we had only 3 days to choose between Austin and Dallas. We first flew to check out Dallas and our minds were immediately blown away with the size and the glory of the city. It was way beyond our imagination. My husband and I had in mind that Texas is the kind of place like from the old movies with cowboys hats and boots, kind of a country style.

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Beautiful Austin

We didn't expected to see such a modern and developed city. Long story short, 3 days wasn't enough to explore all of Dallas so we weren`t able to make it to Austin. After asking people's opinions about Dallas and Austin it was about 50/50, and we liked Dallas, so we decided to just go for it.

A few months later when we visited Austin for the first time our minds were blown away even more than when we first visited Dallas.

Oh, my... I have so much to say about this city I think one blog post won't be enough so I am probably gonna write more about Austin in future blogs.

So let's begin with our recent trip to Austin. It was absolutely unplanned and spontaneous. We were about to do a road trip to Panama city in Florida as our first family summer vacation, but after checking hotels and airbnb in Panama city I was pretty disappointed. If you follow along you probably know that Michael and I are hotel freaks. A cozy and beautiful hotel means a lot to us and unfortunately I couldn't find one in Panama city. I wasn`t very excited to drive over 13 hours with a 4 month old baby if we weren`t even going to have a nice hotel. I suggested to my husband to change the plans and instead make our way to Austin, and take the opportunity to check out homes since we are planning in the spring to relocate there.

Yay! I haven't shared this just yet, as before we have had many other attempts to move and things didn't work out for us. Hopefully this time the Universe is ready for us to finally make this move happen. #crossingfingers.

Here is a sneak peak of our journey looking for houses.

OK, back to the magic of Austin.

Let's begin with my favorite part about Austin.

The nature! Oh my god! The nature is so freaking beautiful in Austin. There are so many things to do and explore. Every part of the year Austin is luscious and green. Even in the winter time when you would expect the trees to be naked and drab, there are some trees that are like this but there are still many trees that are vibrant and full of life.

Outdoors: I love spending time outdoors and Austin has so much to offer. Even though it`s extremely hot in Texas you can still enjoy the abundance of outdoor activities in Austin compared to Dallas. This is one of the biggest reasons why we want to relocate to Austin. If you love hiking, there are hundreds of hiking trails in the Austin area from small trails to waterfalls to breath taking lake views and much more. If you have an active lifestyle you can enjoy kayaking and paddle boarding in Austin`s river, running and biking in beautiful parks, and enjoy swimming in nature pools, etc..

Yoga: Of course I must bring this subject up! I think Austin has the biggest yoga community ever. It feels like literally every person is walking with a yoga mat around town. There are so many unique yoga studios with their own vibe and style. I`ve been lucky enough to visit three different yoga studios in my last visit and I loved all of them. Moreover, I`ve seen people getting together for yoga at the park and I`ve heard about many free yoga events that happen in town every month. Also, if you love Acro yoga, you don`t want to miss the amazing Acro yoga community in Austin.

Lakes: The Austin area is abundant with so many beautiful lakes where you can just hang out on a "beach lake", dive in from a cliff into crystal clear water, or rent a boat with a few friends (no license needed) and a enjoy a fun sail.

Food: No kidding, Austin has the best food in the US! I`ve been to over 20 different states and I`ve never experienced such an amazing verity of authentic restaurants, food trucks, and delicious food. The restaurants in Austin actually give a fuck about you and the food that they serve.

People: The people are so nice and kind. You will always be greeted with a smile. Don`t be surprised if "Austonians" care about how you are doing, where you`re from, and what you do in life. People in Austin love connecting.

Beautiful Down Town Austin

Downtown: Love Love Love the down town vibes in this city. So many things to do. Great bars, restaurants, yoga studious, you can find anything that you want there. One amazing place to hang out every night is 6th street. 6th street is abundant with fun rooftop bars, upbeat music, and happy people waving to you from above. Another very cool thing that you can do is rent a scooter at any spot in downtown, enjoy a fun ride, and leave it wherever you want and someone will pick it up after you.

The clouds - I am not only a yoga freak but also a cloud freak. I just love watching how clouds float and change shapes with such grace in the sky. I find it very meditative. There is something so special in Austin`s clouds, it`s real cloud porn. Anytime I looked at the sky the clouds were so beautiful, puffy, and sexy. I really wanted to hug them.

Fashion: How I love when people don`t give a fuck about what they wear. On the same street corner you can see all together a well dressed business woman with a suit and high heels, a hippy with flip flops, and a yoga girl running to her yoga class. I love all the weird and sexy and sassy and all the different styles in this city.

And I love this quote about Austin: "Keep Austin weird" All the weirdness makes this city even more attractive.

Keep Austin Weird

Stay tuned for the next blog where I will share all the best places and things to do in Austin. xo, Liel

Liel Cheri Lifestyle Blog
I Love You So Much Austin

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