Alternate Nostril Breathing Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

Nadi Shodhana pranayama – this breathing technique has abundance of benefits:

  • Is a great way to “clear out blocked energy channels in your body”

  • Focus your mind

  • Unite the left and the right side of your brain

  • Release stress, anxiety and tension

  • Make you feel awake and energized

Pranayama means breathing control or breath exercise. Alternative nostril breathing exercise is a great way balance out the energy flow in our body. Throughout the day we are breathing more through one nostril than the other. We always switch, sometimes the right nostril more dominate sometimes the left. Try to pay attention to it, you will be amazed.

When you find that you breathe more trough the right side it associated with quality of extra version like talking, interacting, anger, action, activity ect.. Anything that gets you going or your mind going. This is our Yang side – active – hot – sun side – fire – energy – rapid

The left side associates with quality of relaxation. Passive state of being, quite time, sleep, night time. This is out Yin side – Passive – cold – moon side – water – matter – slow.

These qualities are very important and it`s really important to finding the right balance between them. If you will go far for active you can get really reactive, angry and stressful and it`s not a healthy place to be. Because our nervous system over stimulated and it`s really hard for our body to repair itself and to be healthy. On the other hand if you are far to the other side of your being you might be quite depressed, you will have hard time to getting out of bed or getting anything done, you will be lack of motivation.

This is why it`s so important to find balance between either side, and what so cool we can do this just using our breath. The way the breathe flows in through the nostrils actually help us to balance and regulate the mind.

Here is a short video on how to practice Nadi Shadhana Pranayama

Go ahead, find a quite corner and enjoy your meditation.

xo Liel

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