I can`t wait to begin this journey with you! 
Detox cleanses are my favorite. They provide so much that words simple can`t describe, It must be felt!
It`s way easier and more fun when someone guides you and motivates you through this journey every day.
This 14 Days Detox Challenge will provide you more than you can imagine.
Ready?! Let`s Do This!

14 Day Spring Detox Cleanse - Brand New You Challenge

Begins on March 21st

How it works?

14 Day Detox Cleanse                 Challenge Includes:

  • 14 Day Detox Guide - covers everything you need to know about detox​ and how to do it

  • Done for you recipes + New Bonus Recipes​

  • Shopping List​

  • Daily email support & guidelines with a motivating video from me​

  • 20 min private follow up & support call with me - once a week (total x2 calls)

  • Daily Detox workout recommendation

  • Guided Mediation

  • Private Facebook Community​

  • Attend next challenge on Sep 21st for FREE!​

  • Any future updates to 14 Day Detox Guide

Joining the challenge you will get access to work with me one-on-one, plus all of the bonuses listed below:

Here is What Others Say About This Program:

Osnat Poliac, 37 - Ashdod, Israel

I always was suffering from really bad bloating and fatigue and I heard many times that detox cleanse can help me. I wanted to try a detox cleanse long time ago, but always was scared of all the juicing cleanses that I found in the market. When Liel offered me to try her cleanse, I knew I can trust her as I know her since we were kids and she always was an expert in her field. I`m beyond grateful and happy that I did it. It wasn`t easy for the first 5 days, but I knew this how it supposed to be.
On the second week of the detox, I felt so light and energized like never before, and after two weeks I lost 9 pounds.  Moreover, I`ve learned which foods made me feel bloated and tired. Just for these amazing results that I achieved only in two weeks, I wanted more and now I`m doing the DNA based transformation program with Liel. She literally changed my life!

Christal N, 47 - Honolulu, Hawaii

Dear Liel! Thank you so much for this amazing program! I enjoyed so much doing the 14 days detox cleanse. It was challenging but absolutely worth it.

Before your program, I always had a lot of problems with my digestive system. After my Dr. said I need to do gastro copy exam and colonoscopy exam & Blood test…& ultrasound exam & MRI.. etc…WOW, it was crazy scary. I have been through a lot. You can`t  imagine! 

 by all the healthy food I have been eating and that are easy to digest..it changed the healthy way of eating style. I had very good journey!

All my friends said now I look amazing! I told them,  I just followed your book & plus your lovely videos!  Your Guidance..with all your support.

Thank you “Liel” you are amazing! Thank you for creating this amazing eBook! it changed people’s life.I can’t wait to do it again in a few months…

In the meantime, keep doing what you do., enjoy your healthy lifestyle!

I`m beyond grateful for the day, I came across your  program.
Much love, Aloha

Maria H, 38 - Honolulu, Hawaii

Even though I was working a lot, and didn`t have time to follow up through all the program, still I had a big impact on my life. I lost 7 pounds in 14 days, my skin cleared up and most importantly it was a great start to a healthy living.  This program made me plan my meals and impact me to cook healthy meals for myself.  Honestly, I was impressed with myself that I could give up alcohol, carbs, processed sugars, dairy and particularly COFFEE for 14 days (I`m a coffee lover and had horrible headaches for 5 days) I`m happy and grateful that I did it.I highly recommend this 14-day detox cleanse to everyone!

The 14 Day Detox Cleanse challenge will help you get back on track quickly and easily.

You deserve to feel your best so you can focus on spreading your gifts, and living full out!

Say “YES!” to Your Well-being . . .

Is “Life” Getting in the Way of Your
Health and
Well Being

You’re not alone!

All of us deal with life challenges.
This why we do this 14 Day Detox Challenge together. Together is always easier, and the opportunity for success and even greater results are always better!

The 14 Day Detox Cleanse is more than just a cleanse.

It’s a chance to start a new chapter in your wellness story.

Patty Mood, 50 - Honolulu, Hawaii

The 14-day detox cleanse was pretty incredible for me, I lost 11 pounds in 14 days.First of all, one of my main accomplishments is that I have kicked the habit of drinking coffee every day and now enjoy hot tea or just plain water! It was definitely a struggle to get through 4 days of “all headaches” but I kept pressing through and I`m super glad that I did.Second, of all, I learned how important it was to prepare my food ahead of time. I had a really nice routine built in for two weeks despite my busy schedule of running my business and taking care of my family matters and it really made a difference in staying the course.Lastly, I felt FANTASTIC at the completion of the 2 weeks. I definitely see the benefit of detoxing  4x per year and I look forward to the next Detox with the privet group in September.Best, Patty.

Victoria Yun, 39 - Moscow, Russia

My husband and I are did it twice with Liel, that burst of energy and our positive outlook on life have already returned after our first round. I’ve lost 12 lbs of bloat! We knew what we needed to do, so thank you for the kick in the behind that I needed!
We can`t wait for the next one. Thank you for such a great eBook, your enthusiasm and powerful guides throughout the entire challenge.   

Michael S, 36 - Austin, TX

I do it for my family. To feel good and be my best self is my priority. I love my wife`s 14 day detox program! Every time I do it I lose around 20 pounds, no kidding! My energy levels improve dramatically and my lifestyle priorities become better and better after each cleanse. Highly recommend to everyone who want to live healthier and happier life. Everything begins within. Seriously, look at my wife she is 36, but looks like 20 with energy of 12 year old kid. She knows what she does! 

Let`s Do This friend!

Plus, you can gift it to a loved one and do it together.

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