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I share my love and passion for yoga and teach you how to get flexible, strong, and free in your own body.

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I help humans struggling to get fit, get rid of belly fat, feel energized, get back to shape after pregnancy 
with DNA based nutrition solution. 

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I share pieces of my world, wisdom and inspiration about yoga, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, motherhood, family, travel and more...

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A defining moment in my life happened in 2010, where for more than a year I was suffering from continuous back pain, low energy, and daily migraine.

I was visiting doctors more than I was comfortable with. I could not sleep well at nights, I was always nervous, overstressed, impatient toward others, and the worse heartless and aggressive toward my loved ones.


Here is how I overcame the situation:





How I started my yoga journey?



Riding my bike on my way back home from the class, I just couldn`t stop smiling!

I felt so fucking good and happy for no reason. I had barely been able to do a single pose from all the 26 poses that we did in 90 minutes. I could barely breathe because I was an addicted smoker and drinker at that time; I felt dizzy and nauseous the entire class. I realized that I was in horrible shape, but still, with all that, I felt true bliss for the first time in my life.


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